How to Choose A Good Guy

We all dream of having the perfect man to spend rest of our life with them. Sometimes, we go through rejection or we could end up mistakenly with the wrong guy. Every girl would love to spend her entire life with a perfect man. Sometimes, few guys may be rude or manipulative to their partners. Here are few reasons how to pick a good guy.


Don’t try to settle down with a guy who is in between work: First step never ever settle with the person who gives less time for you. He may be workaholic it is good but in between, he has to give you some time.


Manipulations: A true man will never manipulate his girlfriend in any situation. If he loves you seriously then he’ll stick to his word and actions at any moment. Try to pick a good guy who understands you in each and everything.


Sense of Humor: Find a guy who makes you laugh all time. Don’t pick a guy who smiles very rarely and may take his life very seriously. Pick a guy who makes you happy all the time and life will be a like cake walk.


Never settle for sex: Sex is all about the soul, not the body. If he is the good guy he’ll try to take the relationship to next level. Sex is directly related to your self-worth and choosing to be with a man who gives you less than what you deserve or falling for a man where there is no apparent chemistry between both of you, is calling for bitterness, resentment, and pain in the longer run.