PSV Garuda Vega Total Collections

Dr Rajasekhar’s latest offering PSV Garuda Vega has received a positive talk from the audience since its released. The word of mouth for the movie was good but PSV Garuda Vega didn’t collect as expected figure.


The film has managed to collect 14 Cr shares stand at 6 crores from two Telugu states and 1.5 crores from Overseas. PSV Garuda Vega Overseas distributor has earned profits but rest of the areas it couldn’t fetch good revenue.
PSV Garuda Vega which was released on November 3rd has been sold the movie rights for 11 Cr. The makers of the movie have spent Rs 30 Cr on the movie but the movie raked a very less figure compare to trade experts. Rajasekhar’s PSV Garuda Vega is hit film with a positive response but it flopped in terms of collections.