PVP To Rescue Gopichand

It has been more than a year since a Gopichand’s film has hit the theatres. After scoring a hit with Loukyam, he got a flop in the form of Soukhyam. Currently, three of his films are in production stages. Among those, two of them i.e. untitled film with B. Gopal and Oxygen have started more than a couple of years back but haven’t released till now.

The film with B. Gopal was started in 2013 but it got delayed multiple times due to some or the other issues. A few months back, makers have said that the film has been titled as Balam and it will hit the screens on Christmas. But till now, there was no news about it. The latest reports suggest that there is still some part left for the shoot and popular production house PVP Cinema will finance the film now to finish the shoot now. Let’s see whether this movie will get released with the help of biggie like PVP.