Don’t Find Problem Making Myself A Laughing Stock: Ranveer

Ranveer Singh has revealed a funnier side of stating that he doesn’t mind when people laugh at him or making a fool of himself. “I still have no problem with being laughed at or (no problem) making a fool of myself,” he says.

Ranveer Can Make Fool Of Himself

Explaining why he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself, he says that in childhood he got to play the role of his favourite superhero -Spiderman because he was chubby.

“I have grown up loving many superheroes from both Marvel and DC universe. I remember playing Spider-Man in a school play but our play was a satire and it was a spoofy take on Spider-Man. I was a bit chubby as a kid which is why they decided to cast me in the version,” he said. “Because it was apparently funny to see a chubby kid in a tight Spider-Man suit. I was only too happy to go out on the stage and be laughed at,” he adds.

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