Ranveer wants to be with wife during questioning

Deepika Padukone is back in Mumbai from Goa yesterday and sought one day time to appear for questioning. Her Husband flew to Goa to be with her and the three days were spent getting in touch with the lawyers on video conferencing. Though the media says she hired 12 lawyers, there are actually two senior lawyers and the rest are legal advisors. Her husband left no stone unturned and was with his wife’s side and accompanied her back to Mumbai. Ever since her name came out and she was issued summons, Deepika stalled her shoot and stayed put in her hotel. Her manager Karishma is being questioned today. Kwan is reportedly exerting pressure on her not to reveal anything but the NCB reportedly has pooled solid evidence against her.

Meanwhile Ranveer Singh’s name is also doing the rounds but male artiste’s names are not out as yet. It is just the actresses who are being probed. Ranveer Singh has formally asked the central anti-drug agency whether he can be present during his wife’s questioning.  In his application to the NCB, Ranveer Singh has written how Deepika Padukone sometimes suffers from anxiety and gets panic attacks, and hence he should be granted permission to be with her. In addition to this, Ranveer Singh also stated that he is a ‘law-abiding citizen’ and knows that he cannot be present at the time of Deepika Padukone’s questioning but has sought permission to be allowed inside the NCB office. The request is silly but yes, if his involvement is also confirmed, he too can be allowed to be with his wife and co-operate with the NCB and tell all, how they jointly did drugs.

Rhea, Deepika, Jaya Saha didn’t foresee this!

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