Renu Desai speaks about her remuneration

‘Powerstar’ Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai has been a guest on a show hosted by Ali, ‘Ali Tho Saradhaagaa’, which is telecasted on ETV. On the show, she reminisced about her career, personal life and commented about working with Pawan Kalyan too.

When asked about her name, she said that she hates her name and it irritates her when people address her as ‘Renu’ as it is subtle more for names like ‘Revathi’ and such. When asked about her interest in films and collaboration with his ex-husband Pawan Kalyan, she went on to say ‘I love films. That why I became and model when I had a chance and bagged films. Now, I’m making films. I’m very fond of this craft. Back in the days, I’ve also been a part of editing for ‘Johnny’ and ‘Khushi’, but I didn’t even charge a single penny for my work and Pawan Kalyan is the witness for it”