Review: Cheliyaa


Star filmmaker, mani Ratnam is back with his love saga Cheliyaa which has released today in Tamil and Telugu.


The story of the film is so simple. A class doctor(Aditi Rao) falls for an arrogant and selfish fighter pilot played by Karthi. The duo hit it off quite well only till Karthi starts getting self-centered and ignores the relationship. Things become even tough for Aditi when Karthi is held hostage in Pakistan. How will this couple get back is Cheliyaa all about.


Karthi looks sharp as the army man and will surely make the woman go weak in their knees. All his romantic scenes, conversation with the heroine are just spellbinding.

Sadly, Mani Ratnam has not etched his role well during the later part and this is where the film falters. Aditi Rao is the find of the season and will be the next south sensation. She is too beautiful and at the same time kills you with her heartful performance. RJ Balaji was okay.

Technical Analysis and Overview:-

Cheliyaa has Mani Ratnam stamp all over it. The soothing songs, the romance between the lead pair and beautiful conversations which are filled up in the first half. Not to forget the amazing locations. Man, they are the best in the recent times. But things get bogged down a bit when the second half becomes slow and preachy.

This is the time when the film becomes boring and can get to you. A R Rahman’s music is very disappointing this time around.  This is a film which will be loved by those who have a thing for romance. Youngsters will also like it and also relate making this film a decent effort from Mani Ratnam

One line Verdict:-

Slow Romance

Rating 3/5