Review: Manyam Puli

Cast: Mohanlal, Kamalini Mukherjee, Jagapathi Babu, Namitha, Kishore and others

Editing: John Kutty

Cinematography: Shaji Kumar

Music: Gopi Sunder

Producers: Sindhurapuvvu Krishna Reddy

Story: Uday Krishna

Direction: Vysakh

Complete actor Mohanlal’s latest film Puli Murugan turned out to be the all-time blockbuster in Malayalam industry. Now, it has been dubbed into Telugu as Manyam Puli. Starring well-known actors like Jagapathi Babu, Kamalini Mukherjee and Namitha, this film has released across Telugu states today. Here’s the review of it:


Puliyuru is a small village located near a dense forest. The villagers normally don’t go out often as Tigers used to roam around that place. Once, a Tiger kills the father of a little boy, Kumar (Mohanlal). To seek vengeance, Kumar kills that Tiger. Since then, villagers call him Puli Kumar.

Kumar’s brother studies in a nearby city. He lives in the village with his wife Myna (Kamalini Mukherjee) and kids. Meanwhile, Police files a case on Kumar for killing Tigers. One day, few friends of Kumar’s brother visit the village and ask him for Ganja. They tell him that they will use it to treat cancer. Believing their words, Kumar helps them to find the drugs. What happens next? Did Kumar get caught by the Police? How did he find out the truth? Who are those friends? Watch the film to know these answers.


Mohanlal is one rare actor in the Indian film industry who can do any kind of role. After a long time, he acted in a complete action film and he did complete justice to the role. He killed it in the action sequences. He is perfect as a father, husband, brother and the savior of the village. We can’t imagine this film without him. Kamilini Mukherjee has given a splendid performance. Jagapathi Babu impresses yet again in a negative character. Master Ajaaz, who did the childhood role of Mohanlal, was quite impressive. Rest of the cast were also equally good in their respective roles.

Thumbs up:

  • Story and Screenplay
  • Mohanlal
  • Music
  • Cinematography

Thumbs down:

  • Editing

Technical and overall analysis:

The way director Vysakh adapted the story written by Uday was brilliant. His execution was right on to the point. But he couldn’t maintain the momentum in the second half. Music composed by Gopi Sunder is the major asset of this film. His background score elevates few crucial scenes to next level.  Peter Heins should get a special mention for his extraordinary stunt choreography. The cinematography was also brilliant. The Arial shots in the film are very good. Editing could have been better, though.

Basically, Manyam Puli is the story of a Tiger hunter and the various deadly consequences he faces in his life. Mohanlal’s extraordinary acting and action skills will be a treat to watch. Overall, this is a perfect made commercial boiler which can go really well with the audience. If everything falls in place, it might mint a lot of money at the box-office.

One-line verdict:

Perfect action entertainer

Rating: 3.25/5