Review : MOM

Very seldom do you get to see heroines like Sridevi making a comeback? After a long wait of two years, Sridevi is back as MOM which has released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Read on to see if this MOM inspires us to respect our own mom’s even more.

MOM(Sridevi) is the stepmother of an 18-year-old girl who dislikes her completely. During one of her outings at a night club, Sridevi’s daughter gets brutally raped and traumatized. Sridevi fights hard but loses the case. Left with no choice she takes revenge on the culprits. How did she manage that is the whole film about.
We all know what a powerhouse of talent Sridevi is. He acting is a full display as the queen of Bollywood gives a knockout performance. Her scenes in the hospital and climax will surely bring tears to your eyes. The film becomes mainly watchable only because of her. 
Nawazuddin Siddique plays his supporting role to the T. His getup and his chemistry with Sridevi is just awesome. Akshay Khanna plays his cop role well. The little girl Sejal who plays the rape victim is brilliant as well.
Overall Analysis and Technical Overview
Director Ravi Udaywar needs to be credited for making the film so gripping. The story idea is so basic but his screenplay is dazzling. The film has many goosebump moments and is suspense ride most of the time. Oscar award winner, AR Rahman is a hero with his background score. 
Both the halves have enough drama and emotions to makes you feel moved many times. This film is a very good watch for everyone and it gets even more special as it has Sridevi speaking in Telugu after a long time.
One Line Verdict:
Emotional Roller Coaster