Review: Paisa Vasool

Paisa Vasool has been making a lot of noise in the media because of the crazy combination of Puri Jagan and Balayya. The mass masala entertainer is now out in the open and read on to see how the film turns out to be.



The film is basically a rip off from Mahesh’s Pokkiri. There is a dreaded don who is on the run and Teda Singh played by Balakrishna joins his team and tries to nab the don red handedly. In his journey, he comes across Shreya Saran who is a journalist and helps him in his mission. But the twist here is that Teda Singh is someone else and his mission is not only catching the don but something else. What is it forms the rest of the story?



You need to watch the film only for one person and that is Balayya. Even at this age he is super charged up and delivers a knock out performance. The way he utters the punch dialogues or fights with the goons is a treat for his fans especially.

Heroine Shreya looks top class and does her role convincingly. Kyra Dutt looks like a joker in the film as her ACP role does not suit her one bit. Same is the case with Muskan Sethi as she too does not have much to do and is wrong choice from Puri.

Technical overview and overall analysis:

Paisa Vasool is a boring rehash of all previous Puri Jagan films and especially Pokkiri. The story and narration is the same but the only difference is that there is an energetic Balayya here. Anup Ruben’s music is very good and will be liked by the masses.

The film looks super rich but Puri needs to seriously stop making these gangster flicks as they are no more fun at all as they do not deliver anything new. This film is the same case as it has nothing much to offer and will end up impressing only the fans of Balakrishna.


One line verdict

Only for Balayya fans and family