Review | Rogue


Whenever there is a Puri Jagan film, there is somehow a good curiosity that is created around it. Now, we get to see his yet another creation called Rogue which has newcomer Ishaan.


The story is quite simple as a loose headed guy played by Ishaan is dead against girls in life. As he has his own reasons for hating them, he gets embroiled into a scenario where a girl played by Mannara Chopra is being harassed by a psycho Anoop Singh. So how will this young and irritated guy who hates women saves this girl is the film’s story.


For the first time, Mannara Chopra looks amazing. Her hairstyle, casual looks, and simple performance will surely win your hearts. Mannara at the same time also looks hot in the songs.

 Ishaan is a macho man for sure. He has all the skills to become a good star and his acting is also impressive. Satyadev does his bit in his role and so did Subbaraju. Ali is becoming so boring that one needs to replace him with young comedians.

Technical Overview and Analysis:-

Like in all Puri films, the hero here too has a strong role and mouths some trademark Puri dialogues. The women bashing shown in this film is way too much that it can hurt many. Puri blends the first half well with some interesting and fun sequences. Hero hating girls and the comedy around it is good.

But once the second half starts, the film goes downhill giving an instant headache to all. The hero takes so many risks that even cops can’t catch him even if he appears on a live tv show.

That is the sort of scenes were are narrated into. The film is purposeless, aimless and can be left alone and instead watch an old Puri film yet again.
One Line Verdict:-Puri’s looses it completely.

Rating: 2/5