Review2: SPYDER

Release Date
September 27, 2017
So, the time has finally come when Mahesh Babu’s SPYder has finally released all over. Read on to see whether the film lives up to its expectations or not.
Mahesh is a phone tapping agent with the government. He always listens to important calls and helps people out from problems. One fine day, he goes through a call where a girl is mercilessly murdered. Upon investigation, it is proved that a dreaded criminal called Bhairavudu is behind all this. Rest of the story is as to how Mahesh nabs Bhairavudu and puts him behind bars.
Spyder undoubtedly belongs to both SJ Surya and Mahesh Babu. But it is the former who wins the race. Surya is just too good as the bad sadist and excels in his character big time. The way he has showcased evil expressions and sadistic nature will stun you completely.
Mahesh also gives life and soul to the movie. He leaves all his star status behind and only acts as an actor in Spyder. There are no slow motion shots or heroic elements for Mahesh and this is very impressive. Rakul Preet Singh sleepwalks in her role and is hardly there in the film. Other supporting casts like Priyadarshi and Tamil actors do well.
Overall analysis and technical overview:-
Spyder has a very water thin storyline. It has clear similarities with RGV’s Anukshanam as it also deals with the nabbing of a serial killer. Songs are a drawback as Harris Jayraj disappoints to no extent. It is the background from him which keeps things interesting.
There is heavy Tamil flavor in the film and is clearly a let down at times. The length of the film is also painfully slow. At the end of the day, it is Murugadoss’s direction which saves things for Spyder and makes this a class watch for an urban audience.
One Line Verdict:-
Only for Class

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