Rumours About Karunanidhi’s Health Led Chaotic Scenes

Rumours about Karunanidhi’s health that he passed away di the rounds making the situation outside Kauvery Hospital chaotic. Over the speculation of his death rumour, two persons suffered a heart attack while one committed suicide, but an official announcement is-to-be made.

Karunanidhi’s Health Update: Massive Crowd Outside Hospital

Karunanidhi passed away?
Massive crowd outside hospital

DMK chief’s second wife Dayalu Ammal has also left Kauvery Hospital. Meanwhile, heavy crowd continues to remain gathered on the premises. Police are continuously urging them to stay calm.

Karunanidhi has been in and out of hospital in recent months and was admitted to Kauvery Hospital on July 18 where he underwent a procedure to replace his tracheostomy tube.  He had the tube placed in December of 2016 to help improve his breathing. Hospital authorities said that Karunanidhi had to be brought back to the hospital because he was having breathing difficulties caused by a throat and lung infection. He has also reportedly suffering from a urinary tract infection.