RX 100 Actress Payal Rajput Accuses Producer Of Misbehaviour

Actress Payal Rajput shot to fame with her debut film RX 100 helmed by Ajay Bhupathi. The actress has been getting a bee-line offers, however, Payal opened about the bad experience she encountered. The actress said that a producer sought sexual favours from her for a movie offer.

Payal Rajput Experiences Casting Couch

“After ‘RX 100’ became a big hit, I did expect offers to come my way. A producer approached me with a story and I greenlighted to do the role. However, he openly sought favours from me. He was expecting me to commit to doing things beyond acting. I was shocked and bluntly said no,” Payal said.

“The producers are thinking that I will compromise on her character. Whatever I have achieved in the film Industry, only because of my talent not of ‘compromising my character. Though I played a bold role in RX 100, it does not mean that I will ‘compromise’ for a role. I am not shy but I can’t kiss to everyone. I didn’t come to the film industry for that ” she added.

Well, after Sri Reddy, this is another casting couch experience one has opened about.

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