This hero is anna for the heroine

Sai Pallavi, our very own ‘Hybrid Pilla’ is one of a kind heroine. Whatever she does, takes her to the headlines. She is unlike any other heroine. Her dance, her acting skills and even her attitude makes waves and there are very strong rumours that she dominates the heroes.

Sai Pallavi-Sharwanand’s Padi Padi Leche Manasu is set for release on December 21. Their on-screen chemistry is begin praised by everyone. But, despite on-screen romance, Sai Pallavi addresses Sharwa as brother. This, those in the know say, is Sai Pallavi’s style. If she likes someone she treats them as family and addresses one as Anna or Mama. She used to call Saichand, who played her dad in Fidaa ‘dad’. Now she has got an ‘anna.’.