Sakhiya Telusa Neekaina Short Film

Sakhiya Telusa Neekaina Short Film. Bankrolled by RK Nallam and Kotha Seshu, Sakhiya Telusa Neekaina is a cutesy love story. You must have seen and heard about love stories where hero chases heroine or about unrequited love or even the painful love saga of the couple who brave odds to unite their love. However here comes Sakhiya Telusa Neekaina, which is quirky, fun loving, bone-tickling ride of two people who fall in love where the cupid strucks in college.

Hey folks, don’t you reminisce your love story. Before you slip down in memory lane recollecting your tale, let us take you the lives of two youngsters from Sakhiya Telusa Neekaina. In this age, where relations are measured interms of profit, the short film throws light on an unconditional and a love which happens with no logic but only by emotions and feelings. The music by  PK Dandi accentuates the narration while cinematography by Murali Krishan Varman, Ram and lighting- Murali Polnati is noteworthy. The shot of sun rise is one the moments in the short films which is visually mesmerising.


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