Salman Khan Says Race 3 Action Scenes Realistic

Salman Khan satrrer Race 3 has already piqued the audience interest with its trailer. The actor has said that they have tried to meet the audience expectations by keeping the action scenes as realistic as possible. “Action has to look genuine, believable. It can’t look farcical and we can’t make you laugh. Physically also, it’s a lot of strain and hard work. If you don’t look the part, physically and end up doing unbelievable action, then people laugh at you,” he said.

Race 3 Movie Action Scenes Are Real : Salman Khan

Salman added that in fact, they blew up everything that they bought including the cars. He stressed that they wanted to come close so avoided using dinky cars or graphics. “All the action in the film is not dinky cars, or special effects blowing up, we blew up pretty much that we bought. It is very real and all the cars too. They aren’t special effect cars, these are the cars we bought,” he added.