Samantha – I am super tense about Yashoda’s release

How is ur health now?

I am on the path to recovering. Hopefully things will be better soon. At the moment, I am taking it one day at a time. And today, I am excited about the release of Yashoda.

How do you feel about the amazing response for the teaser and trailer of Yashoda?

I am excited. Maybe there is a little bit of nervousness also. But what we put out there as trailers and teasers are the true and authentic glimpse into the movie. And that has been received so well, I am positive that the audience will love the movie as well.

What was your first reaction when you heard Yashoda? Was it an immediate “Yes” or you took time to think about it?

Yashoda was one of those stories and characters that I almost immediately wanted to do. I usually take a day to okay any script but Yashoda was one script I okayed immediately as the story is just so powerful, and there wasn’t so much overthinking on this one. It gave me chills, goosebumps, you know. And I could see how that’s what this movie has the power to do to the audiences as well. The directors Hari and harish have really brought out a very new concept.

Surrogacy has come to the fore in recent times. What is your opinion on surrogacy?

I really don’t have a strong opinion on surrogacy. I understand it as a solution, or even hope, for many people who want to be parents. And that’s what it is for me.

The trailer not only touches upon surrogacy, but also drops hints on crime. Can you tell us anything more about the movie?

If I reveal anything else, I will be ruining the movie viewing experience. Let’s just say it’s a thriller… a damn good one… And all of the technicians have put in their art to ensure it’s an edge-of-the-seat watch. From the way the directors have written and executed the screenplay, the fights, the art/set and the music – you should really go watch it and enjoy it on the big screen.

You have worked in different genres. How excited were you to have an action thriller this time?

When I am listening to stories or on the look out for my next character, I ensure that I am getting into something different every time. And the closest I have done to Yashoda before may be U-Turn, which is also a thriller. But Yashoda – I assure you – is a completely new ballgame. And in terms of action, I have come to enjoy action really. Raji in Family Man was the first time I did action. And to be honest, doing action is quite exhilarating.

Was there any special training you took for action scenes in Yashoda?

So, I and action director/stunt Yannick Ben worked together first on Family Man. So I trained in Boxing and kickboxing while prepping for that role. Having said that, performing any action requires a lot of practice and rehearsals. Also, in Yashoda, I was playing a pregnant character and she is a simple girl. So the action was designed to suit that specific character.

Was the story pitched as a pan India project from the beginning?

The film had potential we all could see from the beginning. But as the movie took shape, we became more and more confident that it would work across the languages because of the movie’s emotional core. And so it became what it is today – a five language movie. But “pan-Indian” is what the audience and media is calling it. And fingers crossed, it will be a “pan Indian” hit too.

You have dubbed for the film with what seems like an IV drip. What made you do this, while there was always an option to get it dubbed by someone else?

I had made up my mind to dub for this movie. And once I had committed to that, I had to see it through. I feel when an actor puts their heart into a character, they would want to be the voice for it too. I am stubborn like that. But I am glad that I was able to do it, despite it being challenging.

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