Mama backs YCP, daughter-in-law supports TDP

Celebrities extending support to politicians is a common trade, in fact, some are also roped in to give mileage to their campaigns. Akkineni daughter-in-law Samantha has joined the bandwagon, where her video is viral which shows Sam extending support to Repalle Telugudesam party MLA candidate Anagani Satya Prasad. Netizens were left baffled as Sam is asking to Vote For Cycle while her mama Nagarjuna has often seen backing YCP.

In fact, netizens also asked what’s the connection between Satya Prasad and Samantha on social media. To this, Sam responded stating, “Yes family friend .. my support is personally towards him . I know him and his sister @DrManjula_A since the time I moved to Hyderabad .. hence I support because he is a good person”.

On the work front, Samantha is basking on the success of her Telugu and Tamil film respectively. Both Majili and Super Deluxe went on to become blockbuster hits, which also left Nagarjuna elated dubbing them as “blockbuster couple”.

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