Samantha was right about Dil Raju

Many heroines okay films on many occasions because of the banner or the producer. Dil Raju is one such producer, whose offers, heroines find very difficult to refuse. Once Dil Raju likes a story, he never goes back in making it into a film. But, this time around, he seems to be hitting a stonewall.

Samantha To Quit Telugu 96 Movie Remake?

He wanted to remake Tamil hit 96. He roped in director Prem Kumar, who made the Tamil original, to churn out the Telugu version. Samantha and Sharwanand are the lead pair. But, as is his wont, Dil Raju is trying to meddle in the story and also in the making. He is trying to re-work the story to suit the Telugu sensibilities and is very particular that the climax has to be changed. He is trying to convince director Prem Kumar.

But, Samantha has been arguing right from the time she joined the project, that such stories would not be accepted by the Telugu audience. But, now that Dil Raju is insisting on changes, she appears to have second thoughts about doing the project. The netizens feel that it would have been better if she has not done the project.