Sangeetha Krish row: Fans extend support

Actress  Sangeetha Krish was in news after she lambaster her mother of explanation and using her as a mere tool to use her hard-earned money. The actress who tweeted out about her ordeal has now got support from Bigg Boss fame Harathi and her fans. “My dear sweet heart sister… It’s very good to be an actor…your fans & followers will know you transparently so needless to explain your stand… Hard times may rise but dissolves in blink.. may God bless all peace all happiness hereafter,” tweeted actress  Harathi.

Meanwhile, other users wrote, “Hard to believe the other side of you mam. My prayers for your life” Another netizen posted, “We understand you.. and moreover there is a God.. You pains will be paid with joy and peace. Take care”.

Slamming her mother of exploiting since the age of 13 Sangeetha issued statement, which reads:

Dearest Mom, Thank u for bringing me to this world. Thank you for pulling me out of school & making me work from the age of 13 .Thank u for making me sign in all blank cheques.Thank u for exploiting me for the comfort of ur Alcoholic & drug addict sons who never went to work their entire life.Thank u for cornering me inside our own house for not budging to ur decisions. Thank u for not getting me married until I fought my way out.Thank u for constantly disturbing my husband & thereby spoiling my family Peace .Thank you for teaching me how a mother should not to be. And finally Thank u for all the false allegations & these latest accusations ,because knowingly or unknowingly u ve only made me evolve from a dumb kid to a fighter & now to a very mature , strong & a bold woman.. will always LOVE U FOR THIS )6 ei One day u will step out of ur EGO & definitely FEEL PROUD OF ME