Khadgam actress slams her mother for exploiting her

Remember Sangeetha Krish? The Khadgam actress is in news for all the wrong reasons after her mother  Bhanumathy approached Tamil Nadu State Association for Women and filed a complaint against Sangeetha alleging that she is being thrown out of her house. Sangeetha lives on the first floor while her mother stays on the ground floor and the house is registered in the name of Sangeetha. In the contrast of her mother’s allegations, Sangeetha fears that her mother would take hold of the house by colluding with her brothers.

Sangeetha along with her husband attended the court a few days ago. Though she refrained sekaing to media, she took to social media exposing her mother’s intention and how she made her life turmoil by exploiting her. Her Twitter post reads:

Dearest Mom, Thank u for bringing me to this world. Thank you for pulling me out of school & making me work from the age of 13 .Thank u for making me sign in all blank cheques.Thank u for exploiting me for the comfort of ur Alcoholic & drug addict sons who never went to work their entire life.Thank u for cornering me inside our own house for not budging to ur decisions. Thank u for not getting me married until I fought my way out.Thank u for constantly disturbing my husband & thereby spoiling my family Peace .Thank you for teaching me how a mother should not to be. And finally Thank u for all the false allegations & these latest accusations ,because knowingly or unknowingly u ve only made me evolve from a dumb kid to a fighter & now to a very mature , strong & a bold woman.. will always LOVE U FOR THIS )6 ei One day u will step out of ur EGO & definitely FEEL PROUD OF ME