Sara Khan Nude Video Uploaded By Sister, Goes Viral

Former Big Boss contestant Sara Khan had to face an embarrassing situation after her sister Arya Khan accidentally uploaded Sara’s nude video on her Instagram.  However, after the sister realised the goof-up done inadvertently they soon deleted the video. But the damage was done by the time they realised.

The sisters were vacationing in Sri Lanka and the two were having a fun time in the bathtub at the time of goof-up.

Sara Khan Sister Arya Uploaded Bathtub Video Accidentally

Meanwhile, some are opining that going by the pictures doing the rounds Sara ha done it to get publicity as she seems carfree when she clicking the picture. However, Sara has refuted talk of publicity gimmick,  adding that her sister Arya was drunk and she accidentally uploaded the pictures. “I don’t know what happened. Everything just went wrong. It was a video out of fun made by my sister. She deleted it in no time but it went terribly wrong. She was drunk little bit and then we were just having fun, and this thing happened. I just want to say that since the world has become so fast, sometimes these technologies are also harmful. So, we should be careful,” Sara said.