Saurav Ganguly’s biopic on the way

Saurav Ganguly's biopic on the way

Biopics are the need of the hour and films are made a lot on cricketers these days. Now, the news is that a film on Indian ex-captain Saurav Ganguly is going to be made soon.

“Cricket has been my life, it gave me confidence and ability to walk forward with my head held high, a journey to be cherished. Thrilled that Luv Films will produce a biopic on my journey and bring it to life for the big screen,” tweeted Ganguly.

Ganguly’s biopic will be made by Luv Ranjan under Luv Films banner. More details are awaited. It would be interesting to see which actor would reprise Ganguly on the silver screen. We need to see who will play Ganguly in the film.

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