Shikaaru Movie Review

Shikaaru is a youthful drama that marks the debut of Sai Dhansika in Telugu cinema. The film is out and, read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Bobby(Abhinav Medishetty) is a bright student who gets attracted to Devika (Sai Dhansika), Even though she gets tempted and asks Bobby to come to her home. Just when the couple is all set for romance, Devika’s husband(Kishore) comes back. How will Bobby escape this deadly situation is the whole story of Shikaru.


Dhansika is a seasoned actress and she does a good job in her role as a housewife. She makes a daring move in her role and carries it elegantly. The film has four young boys and they all did a great job of providing comic relief in the film. Kishore as the husband of Sai Dhansika is impressive in his role.

What’s Good

Sai Dhansika
Comedy scenes

What’s Bad



Shikaru starts on a good note but forgets its direction in the latter part. The story is forgotten and boring commercial aspects take center stage. This is where the film could have been saved by able direction from Hari. He adds elements that will click with the college-going kids and also shows them in a decent manner.

But still, he manages to direct the film well when it comes to comedy. In this aspect, he entertains the audience. The situations and comedy created surely click with the youngsters.

The camerawork and songs are good but the editing was pathetic. Shikaru is clearly aimed at the masses and youth and satisfies its target audience. But there is nothing special in terms of story or anything emotion-wise. It is like a time pass masala film.

Bottom Line – Just for Gags

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