Shyamala Gets Evicted From Bigg Boss 2

This week in Big Boss commoner Ganesh and Geeta Madhuri were declared in safe zone by host Nani. The rest of the contestants who were in the eliminated zone were – Tejaswi, Shyamala, Kaushal, Babu Gogineni, Deepti. However, anchor Shyamala had spilled the bean and revealed that she is the one who got evicted from the show. The anchor took to Twitter to reveal the information after she reached home.

“#Thankyouallforsupporting #BackToHome #PlayingWithIshaan #LoveYouAll #BiggBoss2,” she tweeted.

Anchor Shyamala Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

However, Shyamala deleted her tweet realising that 29th Big Boss episode of eviction hasn’t been aired yet. Realising the goof-up, Shyamal was quick to delete her tweet, but the damage was already done as the tweet went viral after her post. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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