Sri Reddy Again Hits Back At Nani

Sri Reddy is back again hitting the headlines again with her sensational post hinting at Nani. The actress wrote, “Pichi comments chesthe pallu vudathai.. manobhavalu vunnappudu neku mo.. yendhuku lechindhira gootle.. program avakasamochindhi gu.. a muskoni noti kada kudu elagu lagesav inkendhuku ra natural nalla thachu..naku kavvimpu charyalu cheyku..” She even went on to call as “snall baigan”.

Actress Sri Reddy Controversial Posts On Telugu Bigg Boss Host Nani

In the post, she again reiterated accusing Nani of making her ousted from the Big Boss show.  A few days ago, we reported that Nani’s wife Anjana Yelavarthy came in defence of her husband and gave a fitting reply to Sri Reddy dubbing as publicity.

However, Sri Reddy who was quick to react to Nani’s wife Anjana took a dig at her with her sarcastic post on Facebook. “Hi Misses ..I just found ur post..u r not there in my bed room when ur hus fuc.. d stop commenting..ur hus is an attention seeker not me..what ever I hv name that’s enough..if my husband is very wealthy nd if he has name n fame and If he did wrong,still i wl not take his side..might be I wl not leave him,but compulsory i wl not blame opposite girl..ha ha..i am not a money minded like any other money minded house wives. .i wl try to find how it got happened..just maintain your silence till the end..My side truth is there..karma is there,your husband has to take the punishment,” she wrote on her Facebook post.

Well, we are too early to draw conclusions. We only have to wait for the truth to come out.

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