Sri Reddy Extends Support To Renu Desai, Condemns Pawan Fans

Actress Renu Desai recently got engaged deleted her Twitter account after she received threatening messages from Pawan Kalyan fans for beginning a new life with her fiance. Renu Desai posted a message which reads:

Controversial Actress Sri Reddy Attacks Pawan Kalyan Fans For Criticising His Ex-Wife Renu Desai

Meanwhile, controversial face Sri Reddy has come in support of Renu Desai asking the trollers to mind their own business. “She got divorced at a very young age and we are none to talk about the reasons for it, as they are personal. We have no right to talk about her life,” she wrote.

“But some people have fake accounts on Twitter and they don’t even use their photos of their faces on their profiles. Who are they to torture her? She has been bringing up her kids in Pune. Does anyone know what kind of problems she is facing? None? Can anyone extend support, when she falls? No! When you can’t help her, why are you interfering in her personal affairs?” she further added.

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