Suryakantham fails to breath life into Niharika’s career

You may have an impeccable pedigree and a strong family backup. But, despite all this success could be very elusive. See what happened to Nandamuri scion Tarak Ratna. He had nine films being launched for him in one go. But, what happened later? Not all of them even got released. So, pedigree alone cannot put to one at the pinnacle of glory or summit of success.

Niharika is one more such girl with a family backup. She managed to convince all the family members and got a nod from everyone including Chiru and dad Nagababu. She did Oka Manasu and Happy Wedding. Both bombed at the box office. Now, all her hopes are pinned on Suryakantham. But, this film too went the way of the first two films. Suryakantham did not have any hype or buzz. It could not draw the audience to the theatres. The weekend was a dud. After three days, the film is now being withdrawn from the theatres.

On the contrary, RGV’s Lakshmi’s NTR overcame negative talk and is getting good collections. It is now clear that the audience have no interest left in Niharika. It is also clear that she cannot carry off the whole film on her shoulder. Even her acting seems to lack the spunk and the sparkle.

The film was directed by newcomer Praneet and has fight master Vijay’s son Rahul Vijay as the hero. At the end of the day, one last question! is it swansong for Niharika Konidela’s film career.

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