Taapsee Pannu Opens Up On Sexual Harassment

Taapsee Pannu is known to speak her heart out. The actress opened up on MeToo movement that rocked Hollywood. The actress reveals on why Bollywood was silent at a time when Hollywood was embroiled in the MeToo Controversy.

Taapsee Pannu Talks About $exual Harassment In Bollywood

Explaining that things are complex in B-town, adding that, the actresses fear that they would be judged and shamed if they call their sexual predators. “It’s not that it doesn’t happen, it does. I am aware of it because I hear from people who tell me this but the same people probably aren’t ready to openly talk about it because there are a lot of taboos attached to it. They feel whatever little momentum their career has gained, because of this a lot of people will not support them, (they) will think this is a cheap way of publicity. Their ethics and characters will be questioned,” she said.

“It’s not who was wrong and right in that situation. They will look at the person with a doubt that ‘you are exploiting this situation for your benefit’. Especially for girls who have no family here or someone supporting them here. It’s not like that. So maybe that insecurity really haunts them and that holds them back,” she added.