Telangana man jailed in US for money-laundering

Ravinder Reddy Gudipati, Telangana man hailing from Karimnagar, was convicted by US court in money-laundering along with five others, Reddy played a key role in the circulation of drug mafia money. Reddy is said to be a close relative of former TRS minister who had lost elections. Apparently, Reddy and his wife Aruna Gudipati had invested in real estate business operated by the TRS leader.

Apart from Reddy, the other accused are Harsh Jaggi, 54 and Neeru Jaggi, 51,  Adrian Arciniega-Hernandez, 36, of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico; Adriana Alejandra Galvan-Constantini, 36 and Luis Montes-Patino, 57.