Telugu NRI in US Green Card backlog dies

In yet another tragic news, a US-based Indian professional, whose name was listed in the Green Card backlog, died suddenly. The deceased Prashanth Padal died after a heart attack on November 9. Based in Tampa has left his newly-wedded wife rendered out of status resulting in her inevitable return to India,

He had married his wife, Sindhu only four months ago in India. She had just recently moved to the US with Padal, a native from Telangana. Padal’s death comes after Shiva Chalapathi Raju from North Carolina, whose name was also in the Green Card backlog, passed away suddenly last month, leaving his pregnant wife in limbo. The North America Telugu Society has started a fundraiser to help Padal’s family. Through the Go Fund Me campaign, the organization is actively working with family members and friends and funeral home to make all funeral arrangements and fund-raising support. The fundraiser with a goal of $100,000 has already received contributions of $58,409 in two days since it was started.

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