The SleepWalker Trailer

Do you enjoy watching a thriller? Does the eerie situations piques your interest? If this is all you look for then you are the right place, as we bring to you a short film ‘The Sleepwalker’.

The short film revolves around murder mystery apparently involving the person suffering from sleepwalk and how this disorder turns things into grave. We bring to you over one-minute trailer which explains that a person in a sleepwalk can do odd things like cooking, driving but what if he turns murderer? How the police crack the mystery and will they be successful to find the real culprit lies the mystery.

The film is directed by multi-hyphenate person Gopichand Narra, who is all also the writer and editor. The background score helps in building up the tension and the camera cranked by Shashank Sriram looks brilliant. The short film is being presented by Klapboard productions and the premiere will be held on March 11 at 5.30pm at Prasad Labs.

Check out the trailer…