Trisha To Block Her Fans For This

Actress Trisha Krishnan has given a fitting reply to a fan and tried to be a trendsetter at a time when fan wars are in fad. The actress during an interactive session of her Twitter handle gave the warning to fan sternly saying that she would block them. Trisha reacted sternly due to a fan of hers started abusing other actors on her timeline, to which she posted, ” Spam my timeline, being disrespectful to any other actor because you think that’s “loyalty” towards me or spewing sarcasm/harassment or bullying of any sort at me!! YOU will be BLOCKED !!! (sic)”

In the past, we have seen how actress Taapsee Pannu who felt for prey who had to come across the meanest of trolls ever. A troller called her the worst looking actress in Bollywood and hoped to not to see again ever in the industry. However, it was Taapsee who dealt with her troller with a savage response.