Truth behind Uppal metro crack

The Hyderabad citizens are yet to come to terms with the ghastly mishap at the  Ameerpet Metro Station, where a techie got killed after chunks of metro pillar fell on her head. Nw, another image came to light haunting the Hyderabad public with the visible cracks at the Uppam Metro Station.

Uppal metro crack viral images panic citizens

The picture did the rounds on social media with a message-carrying,  “Don’t stand below Uppal Metro, it may collapse any time. Please share this and alert everyone”, with a hashtag #stoptravellinginmetro. Such pictures have been doing the rounds despite Hydreabd Metro offical asking the citizens “not to panic over old pictures”. But here comes the truth, as the picture being widely circulated is an od one. Reacting to this, N V S Reddy, Managing Director of HMRL. said, “Some people are deliberately doing this by posting old pictures. These superficial surface cracks are identified, widened and refilled. Uppal crack was rectified yesterday. After drying, the painting will be done”.

VV Vinayak and Venkatesh team up again

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