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Donald Trump to suspend new H-1B visas?

Will Donald Trump suspend new H-1B visas? Top US Senators have pressed Trump to temporarily suspend new H-1B and practical training visas in a bid to save jobs to native Americans.

US H1B suspended

Republican Senators wrote to Trump, “Given the extreme lack of available jobs for American job-seekers as portions of our economy begin to reopen, it defies common sense to admit additional foreign guest workers to compete for such limited employment.”

The Senators have underscored that the move will benefit those who are here working as it would benefit the H1-B workers here facing layoffs.

Indians are the single largest group of H1-B visa-holders accounting for nearly 74 per cent of all such visas and any ban on future visas in the category would likely affect them in the same ratio.

The green card suspension was more of a political showmanship as international travel restrictions and suspension of flights have limited travel making it impossible for most people to travel here.

While only five senators in a chamber of 100 and one Representative out of 435 have made the request, they will get the backing of groups that oppose H1-B visa system saying that it affects US workers. Technology companies have opposed cutbacks of H1-B visas.

Arul Louis 

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