Viewers Hurt With Pradeep Machiraju’s Pelli Choopulu

Pradeep Machiraju’s Pelli Choopulu whihc many thought would be a hit is being ended up receiving flaks from the viewers. Many are condemning the show as ridiculing the concept of marriage and have come down heavily on the elimiation process, in particular, some tasks as well.

A woman identified as Lakshmi spoked to a new channel saying, “This reality show is moving towards distress. I recently watched Bigg Boss and the makers added a lot of masala to it to woo viewers. Now, the similar thing is happening with Pelli Choopulu. This show is making a mockery of a traditional union – marriage, which happens between two families. This is not matter to be happy.”

“When we don’t like a girl, we don’t say it openly. Instead, we tell the girl’s family that we will call you and let you know about it. But makers have brought in 14 girls, who are openly rejected and eliminated from the show, which is watched by millions of people. This will have a strong psychological effect on girls. Pradeep is asking about their body figures and other stuffs, which is not at all good,” she added.

“I don’t think any one who wanted to get married will go ask a girl to show there physical strength and have a task. Oh! Sorry it’s 2018 so #PelliChoopulu has took a turn. Pls stop making beautiful moments of life commercial,” tweeted Shakeer Ahamed‏ (@s_shakeerahamed).

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