W/O Ram Movie Trailer Review

Lakshmi Manchu is back with W/O Ram and the trailer of the film is out. Going by the film’s title it shows to be driven from the perspective of a woman, invariably played by Lakshmi Manchu. The trailer over a minute is all about the actress finding the murderers who had killed her husband.

The trailer opens up with Lakshmi Manchu standing up in a crowded place and a person holding a knife. Then a background voice runs that the actress was bruised while her husband was pushed into a deep gorge leading to her death. The actress without relying on the cops takes on herself to do the investigation behind her husband’s death. The trailer certainly piques our interest but it appears to be inspired from Hindi film Khaanni. The movie is directed by Vijay Yelakanti and produced by People Media Factory and Manchu Entertainment.

Have a look at the trailer: