What Are ‘Other’ Reasons For Gowtham Nanda Failure?

It’s been a long time since Gopichand has scored a hit. His last hit was 2014 vintage Laukyam. After this, every film he did ended up as a dud. His film Gowtham Nanda was released amid huge buzz and expectations. But, this too failed at the box-office. This has shocked Gopichand too.

Reasons For Gowtham Nanda Failure

Gopichand feels that though the talk about the movie was not all that bad, the film did not do well. He says there are other reasons that the usual ones for the failure of the film. He said his guesses about the fate of a film have always come out to be true. But, with Gowtham Nanda, his guess has failed. He expected this film to become a hit. But, the result was otherwise.

But, one wonders what were the ‘other’ reasons that Gopichand was talking about? How they affected the film’s fate? Well! Gopi is not revealing much. Gopichand’s last film Pantham was a disaster. He is now doing a new film under the direction of Sri Vas.