When Sundeep Kishan went into depression…

Sundeep Kishan whose previous outing ‘Next Enti’ also turned out to be the biggest disaster at the box office is all set to come up with the horror thriller ‘Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene’.

The movie has been making the right noises before its release and Sundeep Kishan is also participating actively in the movie promotions. Recently, in an interview, Sundeep Kishan has opened up about his failures. When asked how the failures changed him, Sundeep Kishan stated that he almost went into borderline depression and even travelled to America to come out of it. “I keep my family away from my professional matters. But my sister is the only person I share things with. She is highly talented. When ‘Sneha Geetham’ movie got released, no one knows my name. After doing a bunch of films in three languages, I still want to do big films. Bigger not in terms of budget but in terms of a scale, visuals and Canvas” said Sundeep Kishan.

Sandeep also added that she became extra conscious now and has listened to almost 30 scripts before signing the dotted line for ‘Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene’ movie. We have to wait and see how the movie is going to change the fate of Sandeep Kishan.