Who will Chiru back?

It’s the poll time in Tollywood. With MAA elections barely five days ago, two panels – one led by incumbent president Sivaji Raja and the other led by senior actor Naresh – are vying for the honours. Sivaji has already completed one term and is looking for another term, while Naresh wants Sivaji to give way to others. Both the panels met Mega Star Chiranjeevi to solicit his support. On Monday Naresh panel met him, while Sivaji panel met him on Tuesday.

Naresh panel has Jeevitha Rajasekhar also. They also met Chiru to solicit his support. Though Chiru does not come out openly, he would never the less indicate his preference to his friends and supporters. So, who will Chiru support this time is crucial.

Interestingly, several members of Sivaji panel are said to be quite close to Chiru. But, members of Naresh panel dispute this and argue that Chiru will support them. So, who will Chiru back? Let’s wait till March 10.