Why Gopichand is Opting For Young Director?

Time was when big ticket directors were enough to see a film through. Their name was enough to turn the film into a hit. But, times are a changing. The audience is no longer taken in by big names. They are voting for good content and newness. Stardom does not matter for them. Even young heroes are making it big based on the content. So, content, not cutout is the king these days.

Having realized this, action hero Gopichand has now changed tack. He now wants to encourage young directors and good stories. Gopichand is doing this as most of his films with senior directors have bombed at the box-office.

So, he has now roped in a young director called Thiru Subramanyam, whose story he liked immensely. So, he okayed the project is all set to take it onto the sets. Let’s see if Gopichand’s project works out well.