Will Mahesh’s Jana Gana Mana be revived?

Time was when the heroes used to call up or meet up fans to elicit their opinion on any issue. These days, getting feedback has become quite easy with social media. One click or a single tweet can get you the much-needed opinion in a jiffy.

So, when Mahesh Babu had announced calling off his project with director Sukumar due to creative differences, he got instant feedback from countless fans. Some said this shouldn’t have happened, but many gave a suggestion that it’s been a long time since he did an out-and-out mass masala film. When this topic came up, many talked about reviving Janaganamana with Puri.

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The last time Mahesh was seen in an out and out masala film was Pokiri and the director who gave this blockbuster was Puri himself. But, will Mahesh work with Puri again? Well! Puri needs to score at least a couple of big hits to get Mahesh on board.