Will Puri ever change?

For Puri Jagannath movies seem to have a become too easy to make. His heroes won’t change and their characters always look similar and just actors change.

Nandamuri Balakrishna looked more energetic in his film, Paisa Vasool but that was not enough to make it a hit. His last hit film, Temper had an emotional connect but after that film, he seems to have again gone for simple character-based scripts with no innovation.

It is really sad to see him go back to a similar form of films all the time. Even his latest Ismart Shankar had Ram doing what his regular heroes do and it did look like Ram is pushing himself too much to bring that loudness in his voice.

This leaves us with a question, do we need to give up on a director who showed innovation at least in story elements in his films and had slight changes in characters of his heroes early in his career? Is expecting Puri Jagannath to see how the generation has changed and hope would adopt new style, wrong?