Will YSR succeed where NTR failed?

The Tollywood box-office is quite dull and uneventful. Though it has already been five weeks after the New Year’s day, there is no hit worth the while except F2. There weren’t any releases before and after Sankranthi. Though Mr Majnu came, it went as fast as it came. But, this week, there would be Yatra, which is based on the most important event of late YSR’s life – his Praja Prasthanam.
There is not buzz about this film especially after big-budget biopic on NTR – the Kathanayakudu – bombed badly. However, the makers have wrapped up the film on a shoestring budget and marketed it for small margins. Thus, is the film garners just about Rs 13.5 crore, it will reach the break-even point.
The film will also be a test of YSR’s popularity. YSR fans, supporters and YSRCP activists will definitely watch the movie.
The Nizam theatrical rights were sold for Rs 3.3 crore, while in Rayalaseema, is it around Rs 2.2 crore. From other areas in Andhra, it was sold for Rs 5.5 crore. The overseas rights were sold for Rs 2 crore. Other areas fetched another Rs 40 lakh.  Thus the total business is Rs 13.4 lakh. So, the film has to get back Rs 14 crore. Does YSR have the star power to collect Rs 14 crore? Let’s wait and see.