Won’t go nude even for a Bond film: Sanjjanaa

Kannada actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, whose deleted “nude” scene from a film was leaked online, has said she was not fully nude in the scene while adding she’ll never go 100% nude even for a James Bond film.

Sanjjanaa added, “My body parts (were) covered up with a towel…what is…seen in the film is the result of computer colour grading.”

The video was not part of the film following the censor board’s direction, but it was leaked online.

The makers are clueless about who is behind the leak, but the actress has clarified that her body parts were covered with a towel and she was not actually naked.

Here is the letter of Sanjjanna to clarify her stand:

“I will never shoot 100 percent nude even if it is a james bond film !! Its been morphed !!!!

As a professional artist i had extream pressure in me to do justice to my role ! As an professional Artist and a person truly passionate to my art , i had extreme pressure on me to do justice to my role yet keepin in mind my culture , my principles & my self respect towards my feminity & women hood in place, during the shoot it just felt like wearing a glamorous short skirt with a western glamorous backless top , which 95 percent of heroins have worn in the entire country today.

I was aware that it is a bold attempt and it will do good to the film This scene was the conclusion of my role “chandri” along with earning a lot of sympathy for my character in the film.

But it took a totally different tone after the computer grading – I was shocked to see it looking Vulgar to the next level with not just the clothes being morphed but the entire video being exploited and I feel like it is clear character assassination & such publicity is very unnecessary for me in life.

This scene was meant to be in the film, however I respect the censors decision of cutting the scene off,but i dont know who has made this go uncontrollably viral on social media , The video has clearly been exploited and also it is not going to help the film at all as it is not a part of the film and hence people will not go and watch the film just because of this video.

Hope you all support me during this sensitive face & i request you to everyone of you to remove it from your social media status as its not very pleasing.”