Writer Padmabhushan Telugu Movie Review – Makes your heart filled with joy

Suhas is trying hard to make his mark in the industry and is ready with his new film Writer Padmabhushan. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Bhushan (Suhas) is a small time writer who publishes a book which no one reads. But one fine day, he becomes super famous for a book and even gets his alliance fixed. The fact is that Bhushan has not even written this book. Who is the writer? and why has he used Bhushan name? That forms the story.


Suhas has killed it as Bhushan. The way he has enacted in his role of an author is just amazing. His performance in the climax was superb. Ashish Vidyarthi is also a show stopper with his fun performance. Rohini gets a meaty part and she kills it in the climax. The female leads were also good in the film.

What’s Good

Second half

What’s Bad

A few scenes in second half
Intial parts


Writer Padmabhushan is the story of an underdog who gets support from external sources. Director Shanmukha has showcased this simple story with loads of fun and a lot entertainment. The first half has comedy and second half has moving emotions.

The songs are superb and the manner in which they gel with the film is just superb. The budget is low but that does not show. The audience will be so connected to the film that there is hardly any boring moment in the film.

Full credit should go to Shanmukha who made such a sensible film. The story of a mother, women in general, the comedy created and performances this film has it all and will be loved big time by the audience.

It has been quite some time now since we have seen a film that can be watched with the entire family and Writer Padmabhushan is that film which makes you laugh, cry, cringe and have a great time at the theatres. Just go have fun and enjoy this memorable family drama.

Bottom Line – A mlfu filled and moving family drama

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