After Trivikram Srinivas, AR Murugadoss Charged With Plagiarism

A few days ago Tollywood known director Trivikram Srinivas was slapped with plagiarism charges. Now, Kollywood ace filmmaker AR Murugadoss has embroiled in Plagiarism controversy.  Varun Rajendran, a writer and assistant director, has accused Murugadoss of copying his work titled  Sengol and making it to Sakar starring Vijay.

AR Murugadoss Charged With Plagiarism

Varun has registered a complaint in Film Writers Union and its president K. Bhagyara is trying to settle the issues so that Sarkar doesn’t have any problem in its release. However, if the issue doesn’t settle then Vijay’s Sarkar which received overwhelming resin on teaser release might witness problem. Meanwhile, Murugadoss hasn’t responded anything yet. Keep watching this space for more updates to know further developments.

Similarly, Trivikram was accused by a writer of stealing his ideas from his book Mondi Kathi and then turning into movie Aravinda Sametha, without giving him due credit. The issue has spread like a wildfire and became a discussion of the hot topic on social media.

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