Agent Athreya scares Gang Leader?

Naveen Polishetty starer Agent Sai Sreenivasa Athreya has hit the screens last week and is running successfully across all the centers. The audience is hailing it as a proper investigative thriller they have seen in a long time. But one actor is worried about the success of this film.

He is none other than Nani. It is already known that Nani is currently working on a film called Gang Leader which is being directed by Vikram K Kumar. Apparently, Gang Leader will also go in an investigative mode and the film’s makers have felt there are certain similarities between their film and Agent Athreya.

Generally, Vikram Kumar gets hugely influenced by Hollywood flick. Now, it is being heard that both these films have a similar connection with some foreign language movie. Anyways, we have to see if they make any changes or go with the same script. Gang Leader is slated to release in August.