Anjali opens up about her relationship

Heroine Anjali, who debuted with ‘Shopping Mall’ went on to make many films ‘Anjali’, ‘Seethavvam Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ and established herself as one of the finest artists in the industry. Not only in Telugu, but she has also gained popularity in Tamil and probably one of few heroines who made it in both industries.

Recently she attended an event in Hyderabad and during an interaction, she denied her relationship in the past. According to the reports, Anjali was dating hero Jai during the making movie ‘Journey’ and the success of the film brought them closer. Although they responded that they were close friends, they were participating in challenges and competitions together.

Later, it was reported that they had a bad break-up. Speaking about this in the event, she “I will not take responsibility for the things I never said. I never said we were in a relationship and all we did at that time was a part of promotions.”

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